Eng UV Bag

Puffguin UVC Sterilizing Bag

-️ Kill Germs 99.9% in 3 minutes

- Sterilize anytime, anywhere to keep germs away

-️ Sterilize on Mobile Phone, Banknote, Spoon-Folk, Toys, Milk Bottle, Toothpaste, Brush, Surgical Mask, Keys, Denture etc.

- Sterilize with no distort on Surgical Mask

-️ 2 functions, Sterilizer Bag (upper part) & Insulated Thermal Cooler Bag (lower part)

-️ UVC LEDs Technology Wavelengths 265-280

- Effective 9 UVC LEDs Smart Chips

- UVC LEDs light kills bacteria by destroying DNA or RNA, to stop them from reproducing and generating ex. Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, etc. and prevent cross infection

-️ UVC waves can be used for deodorizing by disintegrating the molecule of odors

-️ Free from Hg and Ozone, it’s a safe and environmental-friendly sterilization method

️The LED indicator is blinking when sterilizing

- Built-in particular safety switch ‘Intelligent Magnetic Sensor’ the UVC LEDs light will be shut off once the sterilizing bag is opened

- Reflective Panel and Silver Soft Alu-Foil support when sterilizing

- Waterproof Compound Fabric material

- Able to carry on board

-️ UVC LEDs Smart Chips lifespan 10,000 hours

- W26xH26xD15 cm / upper part W26xH17xD15 cm (sterilizing)/ lower part W26xH9xD15 cm (storage)

- 370g weight

-  FCC & CE, GB/26572-2011 standard